Term 3 Report Review

Indonesian- I did very well on geting in my homework on time. I need to improve on my level of performance.

English- I did great with my class behaviour. But I do need to improve on y level of performence and getting my homework in on due dates.

SOSE- Once again did very well with my class behaviour. But yet need to improve on use of my class time.

Mathematics- Need to improve on everything and get it up to a high beacause I had all mediums there’s nothing bad about that but still some room for improvment.

Hints for effective Google searches.

I have found out that to make an effective Google you have youse only the key words of the sentence you want to ask. It does not matter about puntuation. This is an example of a bad search, Who did the bombings in Boston and how did they do it. That would be a bad search because it needs to be short and sharp. Hears better example, Boston bombings who+how.